Sondre Justad

The prince of (Norwegian) pop

Sondre Justad released his first single “Nu har du mæ” in 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. With heavy hits like “Det e over”, “Tilbake”, “Riv i hjertet”, “Lovte dæ” and “Tida vi bare va” the Norwegian pop idol has reigned the national radio lists and streaming services. The album “Riv i hjertet” came out a year ago. In the wake of the acclaimed album Justad has toured the entire country, with sold out shows on virtually all venues.

“Sondre Justad is already a pop star. ”

“Sondre Justad makes pop as pop should be made.”

“Pop’s new wonderboy.”

“Sondre Justad can lift Norwegian pop into a new era.”
-Avisa Nordland