A festival inspired by a rocket

- Our story -

The Story behind RakettNatt (“RocketNight”) starts 105 years ago. It began with a dream of a 18 year old girl, Margit Løkke, who made her own little business. Constructed back in 1911 by Løkke this little architectural gem has turned out to be one of the the most resilient hotdog stands ever made.

In the 60s during the cold war the Tromsø natives gave it the nickname “Raketten” (“The Rocket”) naturally since it’s appearance seems to resemble a space rocket.  And this charming little Rocket have surely found its way into every local’s heart. Its familiar silhouette and humble spirit offers a sense ogfsupport for the brave arctic inhabitants rushing buy on their way to work on a cold and dark December morning. Or it’s suddenly the natural senter of attention when a few months later it appears in the direct spot light of the midnight sun glowing orange in all its glory.

And it’s on nights like these there is no better place to sit on it’s deck with a cold pint of the local brew enjoying a steaming fresh hotdog made with care from our homemade recipe of local reindeer meat. Just watching the world go by.

And now over hundred years after the first smiles got exchanged through the little open window, when our polar explorers like Roald Amundsen or Gitte Jansson might have been enjoying  their last cup of warm coffee before their long journeys ahead, we decided it was time to let this beloved rocket have a chance to go on a journey on its own. Why not let a little hotdog stand generate the best music festival north of the arctic circle? And with a space rocket as our maskot, hey the sky would not even be a limit, right?