Strong contrasts have always been an important part of Bendik’s universe. It’s a girl with a boy’s name. There are sore texts in powerful wrapping. The music is run by few musicians, but sounds like an orchestra.

Now Bendik is finally finished with new music. The single “Perfect” was released January 26 at Petroleum Records, and is the first song from her upcoming album. The song became song of the week on NRK P3 where it is still in high rotation.

“It has been a long time since I released new music and much has happened since then. I’m working each day to feel good about myself, and this song describes some of the things that makes me feel better than I have for a long time »

Since Bendik, or Silje Halstensen,  really started to mark herself in 2012, she has released several critically acclaimed albums and played hundreds of concerts. The frequent touring activity combined with Silje’s ability to communicate has contributed to making the Bendik concerts something completely different. The audience and the press have been facinated by her and the band, and in both 2013 and 2015 Bendik was nominated for live performer of the year at NRKP3 Gold.

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