Twelve years after they “retired”, Gåte from Trondheim is back with new music!

Gåte was founded by siblings Sveinung and Gunnhild Sundli in 1999. They quickly became known for combining Norwegian folk with explosive and progressive rock, especially during the years 2001 – 2006, when they through spectacular concerts, two studio albums, two EPs and one live album, made great success. They sold more than 100.000 albums, got 1st place in the Norwegian Billboard, and were awarded several times, including a Norwegian Grammy.

The sibling couple have a solid anchorage in folk music. It is therefore natural for them to continue building the music around old traditional material. At the same time, there has been a need to create something completely new. The newly written material will be heavily inspired by ancient traditions, so that new and old can go hand in hand and slide naturally into a common “Gåte universe.”

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