RakettNatt needs volunteers to fire up the rocket and keep the show going both before, during and after the festival. We can promise a lot of fun, you’ll get to know new people and be part of the amazing event where the rocket shoots off into the sky and straight into aerospace history!

Volunteer registration will open closer too the festival.

If your work as a volunteer during the festival you have to work one day to get a ticket for the other day, and naturally you have to work the day you are most needed. If you only work before/after the festival you have to work between 14 and 16 hours to earn the festival ticket for both days.


As a volunteer at RakettNatt you will receive:

  • Crew clothes which you will wear while you work
  • Access to the festival
  • Food and beverages when you work
  • Volunteers party

As a volunteer at RakettNatt, we expect that you:

  • Show up on time and sober for the shifts we have agreed upon
  • Wear your crewclothes while you work with us
  • Give it your best, work with a smile and remember that you will be seen as a representative of the festival.