I 2016 presenterte vi performancen Space Girl av Marie Gurine Askeland.


Like music will be music, or like every other moral alien would do: show up at Saturday 27.08.16. inside the festival area and inside the old Marrakesh spice shop beside Verdensteateret: Space Girl will appear and speak truth about the most difficult parts: LIFE and how to LIVE it. But first a dream:

I fell asleep watching the space movie Mind Warp some time ago. And in my dream I was the main character: a girl who is trapped in a dream that she can’t escape. The scenario took place in a shopping window and the girl’s life was experienced through a fantasy game that played within her head while she lay on a white bed. When she logged off the game in the dream and got out of bed she channeled her anger and frustration at this non-living-living by working out on a flat mat. She needed to communicate with what or with whom was outside the thick fog and blue light of nothing. Yes, she was not satisfied, but the people watching her from outside this dream, where not satisfied either. This because of a sticky glue of emotions trapped in so many guts. Drawn to their desire for new shiny times, but stuck in this time and what will never happen or we will never know.

Marie Gurine Askeland is a performance artist working in the borderline between art and entertainment. She is based in Oslo and was educated from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art 2008-2012.


Foto: Kristina Schröder

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