RakettNatt Club

When the last concert is finished on Stortorget both Friday and Saturday, we continue the party indoors with two unique club concepts. RakettNatt official afterparty at Clarion The Edge and Club RNLV in collaboration with Rein at Verkstedet (Kulturhuset)

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Ticketholders have access to both clubs (as long as there is capacity).

ID: 20 y/o

Program The Edge:

Friday: DJ Christine Dancke og Torjus (Rytmeklubben), ARY, Hkeem og Temur

Saturday: Sondre Justad DJ-set, DJ Maikelzito,

Program Club Rein Love:

Friday: DJ Margaret Berger og Paulo Velasquez, Leif

Saturday: MØRK, Controversy – Tribute to Prince, Rune Nygård – Houseboden