RakettNatt needs volunteers to fire up the rocket and keep the show going both before, during and after the festival. We can promise a lot of fun, you’ll get to know new people and be part of the amazing event where the rocket shoots off into the sky and straight into aerospace history!


If your work as a volunteer during the festival you have to work one day to get a ticket for the other day, and naturally you have to work the day you are most needed. If you only work before/after the festival you have to work between 14 and 16 hours to earn the festival ticket for both days.

As a volunteer at RakettNatt 2017 you commit to the following conditions:


  • Work your shifts as agreed. These normally correspond to 14-16 hours before/after the festival, or one long shift during the festival.
  • Show up on time and sober to the shifts you have agreed upon working.
  • Wear the crew clothing. This is your uniform and it shall be worn while you work, unless a different instructions have been given.
  • No alcohol during work
  • You shall wear the protective gear handed to you if necessary.
  • If you cannot show for your shift you shall inform the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.


The RakettNatt festival commits to give you the following:


  • Festival ticket
  • Crew clothing
  • Entrance to the production area during your shift
  • Food and beverages during your shift


All information that you obtain as a volunteer is strictly confidential. You may under no circumstance talk to the press about the festival without clearing this with your closest boss and the press responsible at the festival. This also applies after the employment has ended. Breaking these rules will be seen as a breach of contract and may lead to withdrawal of the festival ticket and exclusion from the festival.


Through electronically accepting this agreement, RakettNatt and the volunteer commit to comply with their part of the agreement. As a volunteer you will also be covered by the workers insurance from RakettNatt Music and Arts Festival. In the event of injury while working at RakettNatt the volunteer is obligated to report this to his group leader and together fill out an injury form.

Any abuse of the festival ticket or lacking attendance to the shifts agreed upon will result in a bill of 1295 NOK after the event.