What can you do?

Arena Crew


The arena crew builds the festival arena. Decor, fences, stage hands are needed. Are you handy, strong and perhaps you’ve even worked at a stage before? Then you apply here!


Artist host


Are you tidy, nice and solution oriented? We need good ambassadors to welcome our artists when they arrive in Tromsø, follow them through their stay and make sure they get back home again. As a host you will be maintaining contact between the artist and the festival. You will update the artist on his/her timetable, get them to where they need to be on time, order transport, and make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need.


Audience host


The audience host makes sure our visitors are having a nice and safe experience at the festival. The people working here function as a set of extra eyes and ears for the hired security, but also answers any questions the audience may have. You will be easily spotted in a yellow vest, easy to talk to and always polite!




Do you have an eye for details and that little extra? Are you tidy and hardworking? At the backstage area we need people who can help set up the rooms before the artists arrive, keep them tidy during their stay and clean up after they have left.




Do you like high intensity work and loads of action? Are you polite and service minded? Then you’ll absolutely love working in the bar! You will be working in the Main Bar either Friday or Saturday, handling primarily beer taps and cash registers.  If you have any experience as a bartender, it would be cool if you mention that in your application.




Are you, like us, concerned about the environment? We want the festival area to look clean as possible even when we have thousands of people there. The renovation crew empty trash cans, make sure there’s always toilet paper in the bathrooms and make sure the festival area is cleaned after the doors are closed every night. An important and fun job that leaves you with a great view to the concerts as well.


Festival central


At the festival central you’ll find accreditation, runner services and also storage equipment. The runners transports and distributes equipment and effects to their designated locations, and everyone working here need to be service minded, systematic, and safe drivers. This is where to apply if you like to keep order, go on different fun missions throughout the festival and otherwise handle pretty much anything with a smile!


Tickets/Festival bracelets


Here we need volunteers that are reliable and service minded. The crew help out selling tickets, and serves the audience who’ve got their tickets and need to swap them in for proper festival bracelets before entering the arena. If you work here you will be one of the first to greet our audience – give them a positive start to the festival experience! We check references on everyone who works here.


RakettNatt Club


If you’re cool with working late (early, even!) hours and rocking through the night; helping with tickets at the door, keeping the venue tidy, host our artists or if you’re a real proper all rounder – this is where you apply. One night shift during the festival assures you a ticket to the club on your day off (as well as the festival ticket for your day off), so this should be a sweet deal!

Shooting Star (Stjerneskudd)

The shooting stars are the people who are running the internal catering. They are making sure that the rest of our volunteers are having a good time and enough coffee. These are the ones who hands out hugs and a small chat with people at work.